How much do your Tree Chandelier and Light Sculptures cost?

Price is based on size, complexity, number of crystals, and quantity of light:

  • Small pieces start at $30,000
  • Medium Residential pieces start at $80,000
  • Grand scale pieces are $125,000 and above

Is shipping and installation included in the cost?

No, shipping and installation is billed separately at cost. We deliver and install our own work.

How long will my unique design take?

Projects, based on scope, usually take 3 months start to finish. This timeline includes design, planning and fabrication.

In new construction; when is the Tree Chandelier or Light Sculpture installed?

Tree Chandeliers or Light Sculptures are a work of art and are installed after the space is finished and all final surfaces are complete.

What do you need from me to begin our discussion?

A photo, plan and elevation of your space is the best starting point for discussion.

Can I get a sculpture that doesn't have light?

Sure thing! Add a touch of nature to a room, grand entrance, or garden space. Sculptures can be placed indoors, or outdoors.